Wills Group announced today the acquisition of two Blue Hen Car Wash sites along the I-95 corridor in Delaware as additions to its Splash In ECO Car Wash brand. Splash In ECO Car Wash, a Wills Group company, is based in La Plata, Maryland with 49 car wash locations across the Mid-Atlantic region.

“We are thrilled to add the beloved Blue Hen brand to our car wash portfolio,” said Wills Group President and COO Blackie Wills. “And we are excited to combine our resources to offer industry leading car wash technology to our customers and to extend our Splash In ECO Car Wash presence in Delaware.”

In the short term, Blue Hen will maintain its name positioned as an integral part of the Splash In brand. Additionally, Splash In welcomes 19 new employees to the team as part of the acquisition. Splash In now has 51 car wash locations throughout Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia; its footprint in Delaware currently includes nine in-bay automatic (IBA) car washes, with the two new Blue Hen locations becoming Splash In’s first two express tunnel washes in the state.

Both Blue Hen and Splash In have worked to implement and innovate eco-friendly solutions throughout the car wash process, using water reclaim systems. The two Blue Hen car wash locations in Delaware also include an impressive tunnel wash, over 120 feet each, with over 18 free vacuums for customers, and nearly 3,500 club members collectively.

Blue Hen, founded in 2013, is a leading express car wash brand with locations in Newark and North Wilmington. The sale of Blue Hen Car Washes to Splash In was overseen and managed by CWA Capital Partners, a fully and wholly owned subsidiary of Car Wash Advisory, LLC, a leading nationwide investment banking and brokerage firm based in New York City.


About the Wills Group, Inc.

Headquartered in La Plata, Maryland, the Wills Group has 280 retail locations across the Mid-Atlantic region, including Dash In, Splash In ECO Car Wash, and SMO Motor Fuels. A family-owned company since 1926 with expertise in convenience retailing, fuels marketing, and commercial real estate, the Wills Group prides itself on keeping customers, employees, and communities’ Lives in Motion. For more information about the Wills Group, visit: willsgroup.com.

About Blue Hen

Blue Hen is a leading express car wash brand in northern Delaware, with two locations in Newark and North Wilmington. At Blue Hen Car Wash, our mission is to provide a fast, friendly, clean, and shiny car wash experience to every customer at a great value, while demonstrating exceptional environmental responsibility and goodwill toward the community in which we live.

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