The Wills Group Honored as 2018 Philanthropist of the Year by Chesapeake Charities  

On November 15, Chesapeake Charities honored The Wills Group at its third annual Celebration of Charity awards luncheon at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Stevensville, Maryland. The luncheon raises awareness about issues that impact community’s lives and recognizes those who are making a difference in being part of the solution. Past philanthropist of the year honorees include Governor Larry Hogan, Marianne Harms, and Bernie Fowler, Jr., founder of Farming4Hunger.

At this year’s luncheon, Chesapeake Charities highlighted innovative approaches to breaking the cycle of poverty. Chesapeake Charities lauded The Wills Group’s efforts to Eliminate Childhood Hunger and Ensure Safe and Healthy Homes and held the company up as an inspiration and example of ‘excellence in philanthropy.’

Congratulations to all Wills Group employees who work hard to keep our communities’ Lives in Motion. This award is for you!

Special thanks to Community Leadership Team members for coming out to support the event: Joe Wills, Ken Halperin, Michele Wills, Don Hamberger, Arielle Kimmer, Tim Edwards, Tara Handy, Amanda Jamison, Chelsea Benincasa, Caitlin Peden, and Brooke Rieman, as well as Brittany Cavanaugh, Kim Purdy, Jim Healy, Bess Langbein, and Adrianna Weissburg.