Lenny Comma

Lenny Comma was elected to the Wills Group Board of Directors effective on January 1, 2023. He is an accomplished public company CEO and Board director with over 30 years of dedicated leadership experience. He is also an executive member at ExCo Group – a global firm of experienced CEO’s who bring real world experience to leadership development. In addition to his work at The ExCo Group, Mr. Comma serves as an independent Director for Burger BossCo Holdings, Inc., the holding company for Checkers and Rally’s operating companies. 

Previously, he served on the boards of Big Brothers Big Sisters and The Jack in the Box Foundation. Mr. Comma served as the Chairman and CEO of Jack in the Box Inc. for six years. Under his leadership, he developed and executed strategic and financial plans, evolved the business model to meet target market and investor expectations, and transformed the organizational structure, talent base, processes, reward systems, and culture to align with the brand’s strategy. He successfully led the Jack in the Box Board of Directors to make decisions regarding strategy, succession planning, governance, risk management, continuing education, and performance.

Mr. Comma received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Drexel University and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University. 

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