Sean Smith, Dash In Food Stores

Like many modern job seekers, Sean Smith saw an opportunity at The Wills Group on LinkedIn, applied, and was invited to interview. Sean was immediately impressed by the “thoughtfulness, competence and accomplishments” of his interviewers and hoped he would get the position. After eight years working for The Hertz Corporation, Sean was excited about the opportunity to move to the Washington DC metro area to be closer to family and friends.

A few weeks later, Sean’s hiring manager invited him to dinner and offered Sean a position, but not the one for which he had applied. Though initially disappointed, Sean saw the opportunity to join The Wills Group and learn a new business as too good to pass up. “The Wills Group feels like a family company. There is great camaraderie and everyone has a door open in the company. If you need to talk to someone and get help, there is an opportunity to do that here.”

Sean has also been impressed with the breadth and depth of training offered at The Wills Group, beginning with a full month of extensive hands-on training in technical systems and processes. “I was really impressed with how much training they did. I spent a month training in all the processes at Dash In, then another two months meeting with every major stakeholder in the company.” This extensive training enabled Sean to start his new career on solid footing and positioned him for success.

Additionally, Sean has benefitted from the mentoring model at The Wills Group. “Directors take the time to meet with all the new hires and explain what they do and what they handle, and it makes it much easier to work later on down the line.” After joining the team, Sean met with a VP monthly for lunch and to check in on his progress. “Our discussions were frequent enough to know that I was on track. It was cool to have access to a VP and see firsthand his commitment to a new hire.”

Sean is a member of the new Emerging Leaders Program (an acceleration program for promising employees) at The Wills Group, which has given him opportunities to take on special projects that further support his professional growth and advancement. “It’s been an excellent mentoring opportunity and hands-on opportunity. Everyone has been loyal and good to me and there’s been a lot to learn.” Sean has utilized the Emerging Leaders Program to tackle business problems and leverage the cohort’s collective brain power. “We are encouraged to meet with our peers and work together to share what’s working and what’s not. It’s different from other courses in that it is relevant to what you are actually doing in the workplace.”

Sean’s hard work and open mindedness have enabled him to grow from a Regional Area Manager into his current position as a Field Operations Manager with greater responsibilities. He appreciates that The Wills Group is “small enough so we can be nimble and do things that other firms can’t. We are hands on, we don’t do things to satisfy a corporate check box. I feel like I have a voice here and people listen.” In an increasingly impersonal global corporate climate, it is no small feat that The Wills Group “takes care of employees and they are willing to continue investing in their people in ways big and small.”