Robb Harling, General Manager in Retail Marketing and wholesale business

Robb started with The Wills Group in 2012. Before joining the company, Robb arrived at Headquarters for his interview early and decided to explore the neighborhood. He recalls driving around and his initial impressions were shaped by the small restaurants and shopping strip malls. He also recalls the somewhat dated, solid brick building The Wills Group still calls Headquarters. He called his wife and said, “I’m not sure about this.” When he arrived for his interview, he met with various members of the management team in Retail Marketing. Prior to that meeting, Robb’s knowledge of the company came from his time with Shell. The Wills Group enjoyed a successful relationship with the major oil company and had demonstrated the ability to continue to grow. “They were one of the best in the game at the time,” he recalls. He was curious to learn more about the company and the opportunities they had. Since then, Robb has held several roles in the sales and operations arena. He was recently promoted to General Manager of Wholesale and he is excited about the future. “There are many opportunities to make a difference here,” he says. “And there are so many good people here.” Robb has also gained an appreciation for “the company’s ability to make the right decisions. It embraces change in important areas when it needs to.” When Robb looks ahead, he is excited about his future and the future of the company. His advice to new employees is “don’t underestimate the simplicity of this company. There is discipline, integrity and history that is very rich here.”