The Wills Group sets Lives in Motion by helping our neighbors move toward their goals and dreams.

Community is a full circle, collective experience – we are the very people we serve. I’m an employee, a customer, and a community member, and so are my colleagues. The health and wellbeing of our community depends on all of us. If we are lucky, when we go through life’s changes and challenges, we can lean on and gain support from others to help get us where we need and want to be. 

What if the Wills Group can be that support, or catalyze that support, for others? How far could our impact extend?

We are in the food and beverage industry, so it makes sense for us to support feeding people more broadly. We give to local and regional food banks across the Mid-Atlantic and invest in creating vibrant outdoor spaces near our Dash In stores, but it takes more than financial resources to help communities evolve and thrive. Providing access and opportunities for individuals and families to connect, learn, and envision the future they want for themselves and their communities are the seeds for transformation. 

Essentially, we can come alongside our neighbors and water those seeds to stimulate community growth and positive change. Wills Group is fortunate to have the resources, including the best people to make this happen. 

Our simple plan as a company is to become leaders in our industry. We do that by creating better experiences for our customers, for each other, and for our communities. We believe lasting impact occurs when we can connect people who have been living on the margins with people who can and want to do more to create better circumstances for others. This leads to stronger and healthier communities, which benefits us all. 

By investing in our neighbors living better and supporting people in contributing to their community, we feel that we are fulfilling what we’re here to do.

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