Dash In Induction Training

Dash In Induction class was held April 18–May 13th. During this 4-week Dash In management program, participants gained certification through various learning modules encompassing Dash In programs, processes and procedures as well as Food Safety, UST and Tobacco Compliance. Students also participated in final advanced OJT exercises, working in teams to fulfill all shift duties while exemplifying Dash In brand standards and portraying their leadership abilities. Students presented individual development plans to the group identifying growth opportunities that will ultimately lead to positive change and improved execution at their respective stores. Participants included Joaquina Frazier, daughter of Pat and Jerome and Assistant Manager of Beantown Dash In; Katherine Fiedler and Ryan Sweigart, new Franchisee and Supervisor for Fort Smallwood Dash In in Pasadena; Ayesha Riaz, Assistant Manager for North Park Dash In; Hafsa Mubashar, Assistant Manager of Leonardtown Dash In; and Ed Davidson, Manager for Long Neck Dash In.

Congratulations to Ayesha Riaz for achieving valedictorian status, finishing with a total average assessment score of 99%. Special thanks to Anthony Young and his crew at our Hawthorne Dash In for assisting with OJT activities. Once again, we greatly appreciate our SME team: Steve Donnelly, Brooke Rieman, Wendy Jackson, Tim Grossi, Aaron Mace, Ron Thompson, Michelle Reeves, Wendell Jones, Glenn Posey, Mary Jane Garner, Tabi Wilson and Susan Rice. Best of luck to all participants. You are all wished every success in your Dash In stores!