One month in, we are thrilled to introduce you to the Wills Group’s five exceptional Rising Talent Interns. In this blog post, we invite you to get to know these talented individuals who have chosen the Wills Group to enhance their professional experience and gain practical skills in a diverse, community-minded organization.

The summer 2023 Rising Talent Internship program offers college juniors, seniors, and recent graduates a chance to gain real-world business experience across various departments while earning income and contributing to the success of a customer-centric company. Designed to provide a dynamic learning environment, interns work in our La Plata headquarters, remotely, and out in the field. Over the course of 10 weeks, Rising Talent Interns immerse themselves in convenience retailing, fuels marketing, and commercial real estate, as well as employee and community engagement activities.  They get a peek into the company culture and gain a comprehensive understanding of operations across the Wills Group and its family of companies including Dash In, Splash In, and SMO Motor Fuels.

As our interns successfully complete their first month in the program, we are pleased to witness their remarkable growth in their respective fields. They have developed valuable skills and adapted to the fast-paced tempo of the convenience retailing industry. The Rising Talent Internship program has fostered a supportive learning environment that nurtures their professional development and empowers them to make meaningful contributions. 

Let’s meet the Rising Talent Interns of 2023:

Mahad Khan, Information & Technology 

Mahad Khan, Information & Technology internMahad Khan’s transfer to the University of Maryland and his plans to study information systems align perfectly with his role as an I&T intern at the Wills Group. He says, “I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a company that values innovation and provides a supportive learning environment. I look forward to gaining practical skills in Information and Technology, and contributing to the organization’s technological advancements.” Outside of work, Khan enjoys working out, writing, and watching video essays.


Aiden McCormick, Accounting I

Aiden McCormick, Accounting I internAiden McCormick is currently studying business as a sophomore at the University of Maryland. As a Rising Talent Intern, McCormick looks forward to gaining hands-on experience with accounting and learning the keys to success in a professional environment. His passion for innovation and entrepreneurship shine through in his role as an accounting intern, and his dedication to excellence and willingness to learn have impressed the team. He expresses, “The Wills Group has provided me with the opportunity to prepare myself for the professional world and collaborate with talented individuals. I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.” When he’s not studying, McCormick enjoys working on coding projects, and using his creativity to develop video games.


Dolan Mudd, Construction & Facilities 

Dolan Mudd, Construction & Facilities internWith his strong background in finance, interest in law, and previous experience in construction, Dolan Mudd brings a unique perspective to the Wills Group as Construction and Facilities Intern. Mudd is thrilled to gain experience in corporate real estate development and shares, “Working at the Wills Group has allowed me to gain valuable experience in my field of interest while collaborating with a supportive and dedicated team.” As he prepares for his senior year at Wofford College, Mudd will also be spending some time fishing, hunting, and enjoying the outdoors on his farm in Newburg.


Arden Waldow, Corporate Communications

Arden Waldow, Corporate Communications internHailing from La Plata, Maryland, Arden Waldow brings her passion for marketing and social media to the Wills Group’s Corporate Communications team. She aims to gain relevant experience that will help her future career in business before entering her senior year at the University of Maryland Global Campus. Waldow was drawn to the Wills Group because of its reputation as a premier organization that cares about its community and employees. She shares, “The Rising Talent Internship has given me the opportunity to apply my knowledge in a real-world setting, contributing to the growth and success of the company.” Outside of work, Waldow is passionate about rescuing and fostering abandoned dogs and cats before they find their forever homes.


Alexandra Walker, Marketing 

Alexandra Walker, Marketing internAlexandra Walker’s professional experience in marketing, combined with her studies in business and economics, has been invaluable this summer. She is currently a senior at St. Mary’s College of Maryland with event experience, having coordinated St. Mary’s VOICES Reading Series. As she collaborates on various marketing projects this summer, she shares her enthusiasm, saying, “Working at the Wills Group has allowed me to utilize my marketing skills and gain valuable hands-on experience. I am excited to contribute to the company’s success.” During her leisure time, Walker enjoys reading books and improving her floristry skills.

Summer Internship Highlights

These talented students have already made an impact in their respective roles and are excited to further contribute to the success of the Wills Group. Throughout their time with us, they will also have the opportunity to participate in several events that enrich their experience and strengthen their connection to the company and community.

On Wednesday, July 12th, our interns visited our all-new Dash In store concept in Loudoun County, Virginia. There, they gained firsthand exposure to the reimagined Dash In brand and the future of convenience retail.

Next, continuing the Wills Group’s dedication to Community Engagement, our interns will join other employees on Thursday, July 20th for a volunteer day activity at the Capital Area Food Bank. Together, they will sort and pack boxes of food for those in need, reaffirming our commitment to give back to the communities we serve. 

We are also excited to host the Wills Group Family Reunion at Blue Crabs Stadium on Sunday, July 23rd. This event will bring our interns, employees, and their families together for camaraderie and summer fun. Lastly, on August 10th, we will gather for a See You Later Luncheon to express our appreciation to the interns for their contributions and bid farewell, wishing them a successful school year and next step in their careers. 

As a Great Place to Work Certified™ company, we are committed to the success and growth of our employees, regularly engaging with them to make meaningful changes based on their feedback. We take pride in offering diverse career opportunities and professional development to staff at our La Plata headquarters and at our 300 Dash In, Splash In, and SMO Motor Fuel locations across the Mid-Atlantic region.

As we reflect on the contributions of our summer 2023 Rising Talent Interns, we look ahead to the skills and invaluable lessons that will shape their future careers. We are humbled to be a part of their professional growth and continue to be inspired by their dedication and impact to the Wills Group.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining us next year for our 2024 Rising Talent Internship or would like to learn more about the Wills Group, please visit or email

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