We’re excited to share that our very own Executive Chairman and former President & CEO for over 33 years, Lock Wills, has been recognized as La Plata MD’s Hometown Hero by FOX 5 DC. This recognition was granted in honor of Lock’s leadership role in the undeniable impact that the Wills Group has had on the local community. As part of the recognition, FOX 5 visited La Plata’s Town Hall for a ZipTrip event, where Lock was interviewed live on-air.

“Our community engagement activities are driven by our purpose, Lives in Motion, where we try to help people towards their goals and aspirations,” said Lock. 

Since 2020, the Wills Group has worked collectively with employees and business partners to provide the necessary support to food banks to meet the basic needs of community members across the Mid-Atlantic region who were impacted most by the pandemic, donating more than $1 million to local organizations to address the rising hunger crisis. 

“We also have a new initiative which is called Reimagining Outdoor Spaces, where we will take the communities that our Dash In stores are located in and we will reinvest in upgrading some of those that need improvements,” said Lock. 

Reimagining Outdoor Spaces at the Wills Group means creating welcoming, vibrant places for people and communities to connect, play, enjoy nature, and flourish. Most recently, the Wills Group took part in revamping La Plata’s Phoenix Run Park with new basketball courts, murals, and more. The recent dedication of this neighborhood park marked the completion of a two-year commitment by the Wills Group to give back to the La Plata community with the delivery of a reimagined space for families. In addition to the volunteer hours contributed by Wills Group employees and local partners, $130,000 was committed to the transformation of the park. 

“I think the spirit that we have… keeps us going and will keep us engaged with the community and engaged with the customers. At the same time, we hope we take care of each other,” Lock said when asked if he had any final thoughts to share. “I think that anytime you have an opportunity to help somebody, to impact someone’s life – that’s something special that you carry with you and that’s the important thing. We’ve got great folks that participate in these initiatives, which is a testament to them.”

At the Wills Group, we believe every interaction is an opportunity to help people move forward toward their goals and dreams – keeping Lives In Motion. This is our commitment to our customers, employees, and families, starting with meeting basic needs, and working to create opportunities for all to have a full and rewarding life.

Watch Lock’s full on-air interview on FOX 5 DC here: https://www.fox5dc.com/video/1086120

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