Our new ‘CStore Decisions On Location’ video series will tour the country speaking with c-store executives about how their c-store chains are supporting the communities in which they serve.

Convenience stores are the backbones of their communities. More than just corner stores, today’s c-stores are giving back and supporting their local neighborhoods. From donating to local organizations to bringing fresh food to food deserts to assisting with school fundraisers and volunteering as part of neighborhood projects, these stores are proving that they play a vital role in their communities.

Today, we’re hearing from Blackie Wills, president of Dash In Convenience Stores. Dash In’s parent company the Wills Group, recently made a $300,000 donation in unrestricted grants to benefit non-profit organizations to benefit families across the Mid-Atlantic region. Wills discusses this donation and other ways in which Dash In is supporting its local community.

Read the full article on Convenience Store Decisions here: cstoredecisions.com/2020/09/01/how-dash-in-convenience-stores-is-giving-back-to-the-community/

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