Amanda joined the Wills Group in 2008 as a junior developer while still in college. Since then, Amanda has been developing software at the Wills Group, serving an instrumental role in growing the I&T department as Senior Manager of Software Development.

Amanda was immediately drawn to the Wills Group. She was also drawn to the geographic location of Southern Maryland. “This is the area I want to be. I have lived in urban and rural settings and for me this is the right mix of both. You can really feel the local roots here.”

With her years of experience with the Wills Group, Amanda went from a junior developer learning from supervisors, to teaching and becoming a leader herself.

“The Wills Group is focused on learning, and is very responsive to employee needs and goals. Culturally, we set out a learning plan that is employee-focused. As a result, we’re very team-oriented. The Wills Group encourages people to work across the company to continue to build skills.

I also participate in the Emerging Leaders Program, which is all about getting a broader view of the business at large and understanding how to strategically grow the business. The program is an evolution from the management program, with two tracks that allow employees to hone and improve their current skill set. What’s great about it is that the program is set-up so that employees can decide what skills and goals they want to work on.”

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