From expanding employee benefits to elevating the convenience store experience, we’re always innovating at the Wills Group. Our goal of continuous improvement is on display at our Splash In ECO Car Wash locations, where we’re redefining the convenience of the car wash experience and strengthening our commitment to the environment.

Increasingly, consumers want to support companies that have clear sustainability goals. Recognizing the human impact on our planet is crucial, and that is why the Wills Group is proud to provide hygienic, effective, and environmentally-friendly car wash solutions at all of our Splash In locations across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Advantages of an Eco Car Wash

When choosing an eco-friendly car wash, there are numerous benefits for both your car and your community. Here are some important aspects of our Splash In ECO Car Wash “Go Green, Always Clean” initiative:

Water Conservation: Did you know that a traditional car wash can use up to 100 gallons of water per vehicle? With our water recycling systems, we’re saving and reusing millions of gallons of water annually.

Faster and Safer Car Wash: Another difference is that Splash In ECO Car Wash uses energy-efficient equipment. Our latest car washing technology is gentle and thorough. For example, our Tunnel Car Wash, located in Clinton, MD, takes advantage of SpinRite® technology with Variable Frequency Drive motors to provide soft starts and reduce energy consumption . Using signature ShineMitt Media, it provides up to 9X the cleaning and shining of traditional foam media, and the wheels run at one-third the speed of standard wash wheels, resulting in a quiet and more complete wash.

Our Rollover Car Washes, available at over 50 locations, rely on the Belanger Freestyler Soft-Touch System with the whisper wheel. This cutting-edge technology adjusts to your car size, while cleaning your car thoroughly and quietly.

Safer Chemicals: Ever noticed unusual scratches on your car paint? They could be caused by acid-based detergents used at most traditional car washes. These harsh chemicals remove protection from the car, making it easier for grime to cause permanent damage. 

At Splash In ECO Car Wash locations, we only use non corrosive, nonflammable, biodegradable cleaning products, such as Rain X and Armor All Professional Products, which carry the “Beyond Green” certification designating that they’re safe for all vehicle surfaces.

Building a More Sustainable Future

Wills Group has been expanding our Splash In ECO Car Wash locations and customer offerings in order to provide more communities with outstanding service while lessening our impact on the environment. 

In 2019, we launched our Unlimited Club Membership at our Clinton, Maryland tunnel car wash location. For as little as $29 a month, customers can have unlimited access to our state-of-the-art and eco-friendly car wash. Customers can choose from three express exterior wash packages that deliver a spotless wash in minutes, with no long term contract requirements. 

Additionally, our latest acquisitions of two Blue Hen car washes in Delaware not only helped us strengthen our brand, but we also welcomed new team members and brought the leading car wash technology to our new customers.

“Across every line of our Wills Group businesses we’re dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve,” said Mike Mulhern, Director of Operations at Splash In. “From reimagining outdoor spaces to caring for the environment, our duty as a company is to set an example for our communities and help each individual make a more informed and eco-friendly decision, down to choosing a more environmentally conscious car wash.”


About the Splash In ECO Car Wash

Splash In ECO Car Wash is transforming the car wash experience with over 50 locations across the Mid-Atlantic Region. With our Go Green, Always Clean Initiative, we strive to be a carwash with a purpose — with a mission to be eco-friendly, water-efficient, and cost effective, we strive to be good environmental stewards in our communities we serve. And with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge equipment, your vehicle will leave looking cleaner than ever. Visit Splash In ECO Car Wash for more information.

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