Caitlin McKelvey, Human Resources

Caitlin saw The Wills Group as an opportunity “to work for a great company and grow a career.” She applied for a marketing position “on a whim” and the interview process left her feeling like this was a company that offered long-term potential. Caitlin “wanted a place where I would have the opportunity to seek new opportunities and expand my skill set.” Fortunately for her, “everything I’ve wanted to learn about, I’ve been given an opportunity to learn”, including the opportunity to gain experience with Customer Relationship Management and the modern technology systems that support an advanced customer intelligence program. “Everyone here is open, from executive level to entry level, and we learn from each other,” Caitlin says.
Caitlin started working at The Wills Group while living in Washington DC. Though she was initially skeptical about Southern Maryland’s location, she quickly grew to “love the reverse commute”. It was a nice peaceful drive, and she would spend it listening to music, the news and enjoying the rural scenery. She has since relocated Indian Head, “Southern Maryland is really proximate to everything DC has to offer and the cost of living is much more affordable than the city, so you get the best of both worlds.”

Seeing potential in Caitlin, the leadership team at The Wills Group encouraged her to join the Emerging Leaders Program. “Leaders within the company take the time to know employees and take an interest in their lives” Caitlin says. Caitlin is also utilizing the Tuition Assistance program to pursue an MBA. “I always dreamed of getting an MBA but was worried about taking on additional student loans. With the generous Tuition Assistance Program, I was able to pursue my dream without having to worry about more student loans.

Caitlin has connected with The Wills Group’s culture and mentorship model. She notes that the “family-run company” helps to create a strong foundation of mutual respect “We care about each other and everyone is very personable here. People care more about solving problems and working together than about competing with each other.” Caitlin also connects with the Company’s Philosophy and Values. “Our Philosophy and Values are instilled in each employee, from the executive level to entry level, and within the company there is an expectation to perform with the Philosophy and Values in mind. “It is a part of what makes working here unique and satisfying.”

Caitlin came to the company wanting a company that had a meaningful culture that resonated with her personal beliefs and reflected those values in everyday operation; The Wills Group has delivered on those expectations. “The Wills Group is a company that you feel good working for” Caitlin says. “To be in a ninety-year-old company, for only two years, be given the respect and opportunity to really have an impact and make a difference is an incredible feeling.”