Employee engagement surveying can help HR leaders better understand employees, help build trust within teams, and inform continual growth. The Wills Group, which operates convenience stores, gas stations, and car washes in the mid-Atlantic region, is no stranger to these surveys. In 2022, the company conducted both their annual Speak Up employee survey and the Great Place to Work survey.

Employee Surveys

Great Place to Work (GPTW), an employee engagement and surveying company, works with companies to boost employee trust. Using employee surveys and a proprietary “Trust Index,” GPTW scores companies on the quality of their employee experience to determine whether they are a great place to work. In 2021, the Wills Group ran their first GPTW survey. Continuing that practice in 2022, the Wills Group proud to have earned an approval rating of 82% from their employees — 17% above the benchmark. When engaged employees are more likely to be high performers, a GPTW certification could say a lot more than just how happy employees are — it could also point to better business outcomes.

For years the Wills Group has also been surveying its workforce with the annual Speak Up Employee Engagement Survey using LinkedIn-owned Glint. In 2022, the Speak Up survey had an 80% favorable engagement score, which is one point higher than last year and well above the Retail Benchmark of 66.

Business Outcomes

The Wills Group prides itself on engaging with employees regularly to assess their work experience in a qualitative and quantitative way. The company makes real changes based on the findings – be it benefits related or creating more opportunities for growth.

Michael Oliver, EVP of talent and people, said engagement surveying also helps the organization understand the connection between engagement and store performance, and there is a “direct match between engagement, customer service, and then actual store performance.”

“For frontline associates especially, if they are highly engaged…that carries through to the customer and guest experience at the stores,” Oliver said. “It does translate over to better business performance results, sales, and profitability.”

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