Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Stability and Stewardship Since 1926

As a privately held company, we take full advantage of our ability to focus on long-term growth, free from the short-term distractions and volatility of public markets. Simultaneously, we have developed a corporate structure and management philosophy that values transparency and professionalism in governance. This approach was deliberately designed to draw upon the best traditions of both private and public companies, while avoiding the potential pitfalls of either model.

Our continued growth and success is grounded in best practices from both public and private companies. These include:

  • A committed, balanced, professional and non-executive board
  • A regular forum for reporting, representing the interests of shareholders
  • A focus on long-term planning over immediate results
  • An EVA company established in 1994, we have focused on continuous improvement throughout our operations ever since.
  • Financial discipline in our accounting practices provides measurable accountability for our choices and actions.
  • New projects and businesses are required to make a contribution, both strategic and economic, to the long-term success of the business.