Julian B. (Blackie) Wills, III

President and Chief Operating Officer,
Wills Group, Inc.

Blackie Wills serves as President and Chief Operating Officer for the Wills Group. In this role, Blackie oversees the strategy, management, and successful operation of the company’s nearly 300 retail locations across the Mid-Atlantic region, including Dash In, Splash In ECO Car Wash, and SMO Motor Fuels.

Kenneth J. Halperin

Chief Financial Officer,
Wills Group, Inc.

Kenneth Halperin serves as Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration of Wills Group, Inc., and Chief Financial Officer for the company. As CFO, Ken is responsible for the internal and external financial reporting, accounting, tax, information & technology, and risk management teams for the Wills Group.

Mark Oliver

Executive Vice President, Talent and People Operations, Wills Group, Inc.

Mark Oliver serves as the Executive Vice President of the Wills Group’s Talent and People Operations department. In this role, Mark is responsible for leading the workforce strategy, which includes talent management, employee experience, change management, learning, professional development, and performance management.


Joseph M. Wills

Executive Vice President of Fuels Marketing and Real Estate & Development

Joe Wills is Executive Vice President of Fuels Marketing and Real Estate & Development. In this role, Joe oversees all of Wills Group’s branded and unbranded dealer business at 240 retail locations as well as major branded supplier relationships, pricing, supply, and logistics for almost 500,000,000 gallons of motor fuels. Joe also provides direction for the Wills Group’s business support team focused on process optimization and creating operational business efficiencies.